Man On A Mission

by Stuart Todd



Recorded and mixed at Pinball Studios, Liverpool
Engineered by Daniel Woods

Stuart Todd - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
Richie Meehan - Drums

Note: This was the first demo recording. Also recorded in the same session was The Busker (Later re-recorded for the Sunrise EP).


I’m a man on a mission
Going through a transition
My response to adjust with the faith to believe
Now I know it’s no joy
I’m no longer a boy
Waking up to the fact that I need a release

I’m a man trying to cope with life as I am
Going to sell myself if I can
Make a stand and fight as a man on a mission

Life’s a cause will I take it?
I’m unsure if I’ll make it
Giving up is an option that’s there in my brain
Trying to think for the future
Yet the past is my nature
Through it all it still haunts me and clouds my whole life

I’ve the chance to prove myself If I can
Try and take myself as I am
Make mistakes and learn as a man

I’m a man on a mission
Trying to make a decision
All my life sees depression all over my face
All these crazy reactions
Due to dissatisfaction
So many doubts are the feeling that cannot erase

I’m a man so fed up with life as it stands
It’s a life that’s full of demands
Have to face the change as a man
That’s what I am, I’m a man on a mission


released June 25, 1999
Written by Stuart Todd © 1999


all rights reserved



Shadow Captain Liverpool, UK

Shadow Captain is the brainchild of Liverpool singer-songwriter, musician and award-winning promoter Stuart Todd. All music from the artist is available to download from Bandcamp.

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