A Face In The Crowd

by Shadow Captain

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Money spending life depending Billions have been lost The party that’s commanding Still demanding what you got Low rates of inflation VAT on your account In a nation of taxation Feeds on your amount Forget education, They’re charging more tuition Use you imagination in this generation Who do you believe in if you don’t believe in God? It cannot be the government Now they’ve just lost you your job Three quarters of the work population are Distressed cos they’re feeling insecure The weight of debt that’s been left Should be at the bankers door Think, act, march, vote Hang them by a tight rope Backed by the union Let’s seize the power and revolt Students demonstrate in every city that’s around Cutting jobs and pensions so the deficit comes down Selling off the woodland to build houses by the scale With collapse of the economy is Britain up for sale?
The system is tragic, the measures are drastic Greed is affecting the living of so many Scheming like gangsters by rhyming with bankers They always get a piece of the action, take every penny They want you to pay now, can’t see any way how The cost of living is so much, you don’t have any They’re screwing the young ones, stealing from the old ones Only a few get a piece of the action among the many How can they rob us and make us jobless We never get a piece of the action They’re always demanding without understanding Life is increasingly so hard for so many They add to the tension by robbing your pension They always get a piece of the action, take every penny How do they thanks us by helping bankers Who always get a piece of the action
Blond Boy Johnson such a clown Everywhere he shows up just brings me down Blond Boy Johnson rides around On his bicycle through London Town Everybody knows, he’s such a toffee nose Everybody knows Blond Boy Johnson Blond Boy Johnson on the streets The way his hair stands up gives me the creeps Blond Boy Johnson dips his wick Went to Eton but he’s still thick
There’s a fusion in the air Which no one can explain The people of today are the children of yesterday Attitudes have changed in ways we cannot fully comprehend The children of today are the people of tomorrow The children of today are the people of tomorrow There’s graffiti everywhere That’s never cleaned but always there From the children of today who were only born yesterday Deriding every word, causing trouble Because their parents couldn’t care The children of today are the people of tomorrow... Some children grow up bad Some children grow up good Although the story’s sad Some parents do the best they can If you’re from a broken home You shouldn’t feel that you’re the only one Some people of today were just like you yesterday You don’t have to be alone There’s always someone there, who’s on the phone For the children of today, they’re the people of tomorrow Yes the children of today are the people of tomorrow...
Without a face, without a place You’re on the outside looking in Without a voice, without a choice The world can be so lonely Receiving nothing in return No light within the darkness Nobody knows, nobody cares You’re sleeping rough out on the street Waking up in stormy weather You’re just a face in the crowd You better get yourself together The sooner the better Nobody here, no soul around To help you when you’re feeling down Nobody stays, they turn away Nobody stops to say hello They judge you by the clothes you wear Perceive you as a danger Without a hope without a prayer All they cay see is a stranger Stepping out in stormy weather You’re just a face in the crowd You better get yourself together The sooner the better Nobody knows, nobody cares Without a hope without a prayer...


Recorded and mixed at Crash Studios, Liverpool
Produced by Stuart Todd & Andy Fernihough


released June 5, 2017

Stuart Todd - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keys, Stylophone, Cigar Box
Andy Fernihough - Drums, Percussion, Engineer
Wayne Dineley - Lead Guitar (5)

All tracks by Stuart Todd © & Ⓟ 2017

Image by Gareth Kemp (The Fight No. III)


all rights reserved



Shadow Captain Liverpool, UK

Shadow Captain is the brainchild of Liverpool singer-songwriter, musician and award-winning promoter Stuart Todd. All music from the artist is available to download from Bandcamp.

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